Sketching Stuff – Create Like a Kid Again!: E-Book

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Creativity for Grown-Ups! With A Childlike Twist!
Boost your natural creativity and create like a kid again with over 60 fun creative exercises!

Downloadable e-book in PDF, E-PUB, and MOBI formats (Paperback version available on Amazon!). This book may look like it’s for kids, but it’s really for young adults and adults who want to be more creative in everything they do! We all used to be creative when we were very little kids, and staying that way as we grow up is not always easy. It’s time to grab a sketchbook and play, dream, or invent your way through over 60 activities that will have you writing, doodling, and creating awesome and innovative new ideas! Packed with powerful insights and fun facts on how our creative brains function, think, and feel, you’ll be making bolder and more unique ideas in no time!

All great ideas start with just a notion, a scribbled thought on a page. Whether it’s in a physical or digital sketchbook, sticky notes, napkins, or a laptop, these thoughts are just the beginning. I think of this wild and whimsical act of dreaming up new concepts as simply “Sketching Stuff”! This book was created to help you reconnect with your Inner Child and reclaim a childlike sense of wonder so you can create bigger and better ideas.

From your latest hobby to your current profession, these insights and activities will help boost your natural creativity at any age! We were all born talented and creative people! Remaining that way, just takes a bit of practice. So, get ready to have a blast as we fill our sketchbooks with wonderful new ideas. It all starts with Sketching Stuff!


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