Episode #64: Drawing And Painting Cheer

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Sketching Stuff
Episode #64: Drawing And Painting Cheer

Hello again! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! If you’ve been listening to my stories for even just a little while, you’ll likely know that I’m a big kid at heart. So it should be no surprise whatsoever that as the holiday season arrives, my inner child is pretty much in charge of the entire month of December. My family, like many, celebrated Christmas with a daily countdown. My mother used to jam tiny little gifts into matchboxes that I could open on each of the days leading up to the big day. Sometimes, there would just be a note inside that would send me on a scavenger hunt to find the tiny gift was still a bit too big to fit into the box.

Those were such magical times and interestingly, well… when people say “interestingly” that’s always a big assumption you’ll find such a thing interesting… but I, at least, find it interesting that I can’t remember a single gift from one of those little boxes. It was the entire experience that I remember most and the love and care that my mother put into trying to surprise me. It made for such a magical month and I’ve carried that love of the month with me to this day. So, no matter what you celebrate in December, I hope you enjoy this next set of stories that came about once upon a time, when I was drawing and painting cheer.


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  1. You are an ABSOLUTE JOY to listen to throughout each story. I was laughing so hard when you described your Mother’s little tree! I truly adore how active and present your inner child is in your every day. What a delight!

  2. Wonderful podcast, Charlie!! Your stories always make me smile and this time listening to your enthusiasm and excitement for the holidays is the perfect start to the weekend!