Episode #61: Drawing From Imagination

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Sketching Stuff
Episode #61: Drawing From Imagination

Hi again! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! One of things that’s been challenging for me on my art journey is to continue to challenge myself. To step outside of my lovely comfort zone and try completely new things. This can always be a bit scary, as that fear of failure creeps along with a touch of self-doubt. But, what I’ve learned is that if I just DO what I want to try next, I’ll often surprise myself. Sure, I may not get exactly what I had in my mind to appear on paper, but what I learn in the process is worth its weight in gold. Indeed, some of my favorite and most memorable moments in sketching stuff each day have come from trying new techniques and approaches.

I’m not even sure yet if I’ve found a single approach that I love most. But, my own style comes through no matter what technique I might try next. In this collection of stories, I chose some of the illustrations that appeared while I was being a bit more daring. From scribbling to stippling, to simply letting my imagination choose what appeared on the page, these are a few of the moments in my own journey that have surprised me most. Sometimes, it’s okay to not have a plan when you start something. Those moments can end up being the most creative moments of all. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this next set of stories that magically appeared while I was drawing from imagination.


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  1. Another fabulous podcast, Charlie! Thank you so much for a pleasant morning listening to your delightful ramblings, read as only you can read them!

  2. See Charlie, to me you have an amazing exceptional talent both with drawing, painting and writing. Thank you so much for this delightful podcast. I loved every single share, snippet and story. You know right that you were the one who started me off. You were the one who encouraged me to do what I had always wanted to do, no matter what anyone else might think and you and your community were the ones who really welcomed me in. Love you my friend.

    1. That makes my heart smile, Zoie! 😍 I’m so glad you were inspired to create and are part of this wonderful community. It really does take a village to raise an artist! hehe We need each other’s support and continued encouragement. Love you back!