Episode #57: Dreams In Watercolor

Sketching Stuff 57_Dreams In Watercolor
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #57: Dreams In Watercolor

Hello, there! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! Often one of the most challenging things about showing up to sketch and paint each day is finding inspiration. That core feeling that fuels me and gets me excited to create something. It’s always there, but some days, it can feel a bit muted. Instead of an excited feeling, I feel a bit daunted or even a bit lost as to what to do next. My solution is always the same. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike me, I just start sketching! I know that each little scribble that I make will shake loose some idea that will turn a feeling that’s a bit humdrum into something fun and even exhilarating.

I take this same approach with the stories that accompany my sketches. These are the very same stories that make up this podcast. I just start my rambling on to see what ideas might come out that day. I don’t have a particular message that I begin with, but instead, a feeling. I write about how I feel during my art journey and about the memories the things that I’m sketching make appear. What you’re listening to on this podcast is an art journey as it happens. It’s my hope that you’ll find something in my journey to inspire yours. Or, just a little something thoughtful to be played in the background while you set about transforming your next blank page. So, join me now for some more dreams in watercolor!


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  1. It’s a bit drizzly and grey this morning and your podcast was perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea and toast and that lovely muted light that shines on such a morning.

  2. The puppy that bounced into my email was truly adorable. The foreshortening on the front legs in motion was perfection. I eagerly answered the entry(s) for the Paul Jackson. By the way I love cheese too.

  3. I liked this edition which is inspiring. But the truth is that my lazyness , most of the time takes over my intention to draw and then it just fades away. I have many unfinished sketches in physical and many more in mind.
    The podcast is good and i do hope it brings some shedding of my lazyness. I wd like your tips on shedding my lazyness and start my sktching and ttonning up my sketching skills.
    Listening to this podcast was my first.
    Tganks and regards

    1. I’m so happy to know you enjoyed the podcast! 😃💕 Yeah, I just treat my sketching like a play break… hehe… it’s just a fun moment in my day. So, then I never want to miss it! 😉

  4. Greatly inspiring to listen to your stories
    Thanks you.We have to overcome the feeling that all sketches have to b perfect .zdont know how to do it

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the podcast, Samir! 😃💕 Yes to that! Sketches are just joyful interactions with paper! No such thing as perfection in those happy moments!