Episode #53: Watercolor Fun!

Sketching Stuff 53_Watercolor Fun
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #53: Watercolor Fun!

Hello! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! I’m super excited that World Watercolor Month is here once again in July! If you love watercolor like I do, or even if you just want to give it a try this month, I DO hope you’ll join us! This event is an annual non-profit event that features the 31 watercolors in 31 days challenge. Or, just jump in and share your watercolors (or gouache) paintings anytime you like during the month by simply adding #WorldWatercolorMonth whenever you post on social media so we can add your beautiful watercolors to our online global gallery. Yep, it’s just that easy! Best of all, this is a benefit for The Dreaming Zebra Foundation to help get art supplies to underprivileged kids who them! And there’s a fun souvenir shop where 100% of proceeds on purchases go to help the cause! Learn all about it by visiting worldwatercolormonth.com!

Can you tell I’m excited for the official month-long celebration of watercolor? It’s been my goal from the beginning to get everyone on the planet to try this fun medium. You can paint or, do like I do and color your ink sketches. Here’s a little collection of stories that I hope will inspire you to see the good in the world and, just maybe start a sketching and painting habit of your own! The world could really use more beauty and hope, so let’s make that happen in July as we enjoy a little watercolor fun!


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  1. I love this podcast, Charlie 😍. As you said in this podcast, I rather like these little traces of life, also.

  2. Two words, heart felt…..THANK YOU!!!
    just what I needed tonight

    1. Oh wow! I’m so thrilled to hear that Brian! Thanks so much for letting me know. Thrilled you enjoyed the podcast! 😃💕