Episode #51: Sketching Sunny Days

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Episode #51: Sketching Sunny Days

Welcome back! It’s Charlie O’Shields, here with another episode of Sketching Stuff! I love this time of year where I live! As the days get longer, they also start to get a bit sunnier as well. While I love a rainy day, a sunny day is particularly inspiring. As a kid, I was always excited for summer break. And even though I don’t get that as an adult, it’s still makes me a little giddy. And it’s fun to remember all of the things I enjoyed as a kid during this time and the new things I now enjoy as an adult. First and foremost is drawing and painting, of course, and the summer is my favorite time to DO it!

Of course, one of the best bits of summer is that World Watercolor Month returns in July! I’m letting you know now so you can save the date and join me for this non-profit event featuring the 31 watercolors in 31 days challenge, supporting arts education. I know some of you out there have other creative hobbies, but I figured I would see if I could tempt you to try watercolor with me. It’s super fun, and that’s precisely the reason I’m always trying to get more people to DO it! I’m convinced that each of us already instinctually knows how to draw and paint. We all learned how as kids. It’s just a matter of remembering and letting our hearts play and explore. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this next selection of stories, inspired while sketching sunny days!


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  1. They didn’t have juice boxes when I was a kid. We had large double Popcycles or my Grandma would take berries from her garden, boil to make juice and freeze into cubes which of course, turned my mouth purple with glee!

    1. Aww that’s awesome, Elizabeth! 😃💕 I think turning your mouth a fun color with a treat is a wonderful rite of passage for a kid!

  2. Hi Charlie 🙂 This was my first time listening to your podcast! I found you because I follow Sandy Allnock. I really enjoyed your stories about growing up as I seem to have few memories of my own childhood. Your voice is very pleasant…definitely broadcast quality! My husband does audio/video production education and used to (many years ago) do morning drive as an announcer on radio. I am working to get past my fear of failure and be able to dive into the wonderful sketching prompts you make available for us. I loved what you said (in fact I wrote it down) about “doubt becoming a truth because we simply don’t try. The very act of not trying something confirms that doubt and it becomes a fact.” WOW!!! That’s where I’m at….life after educating my four children to adulthood and I find myself starting over. Thanks for the wonderful stories and thanks for all the wonderful resources you provide. P.S. I’m a transplanted Kansan (now an hour due east of OKC)…grew up in the south central part of the Sunflower State. I’ll never forget going into my Grandma’s in-ground fruit cellar in my Uncle’s arms with 5 tornadoes in eyesight.

    1. Aww thanks so much for the lovely note, Connie! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled to know that you’re enjoyed the podcast and finding inspiration there! That makes me very happy to hear. I hope to get more people just DOing more things and making more art. Fear can sometimes overwhelm us, but I’ve always found that just ignoring it and jumping in head first is always the best! And life is just way more fun that way! Hope you’ll jump in on the prompts and I hope you’ll join us in July for World Watercolor Month! It’s going to be so FUN! 😉