Episode #5: Those Furry Friends

Sketching Stuff 05_Those Furry Friends
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #5: Those Furry Friends

For this week’s episode, I thought it might fun to celebrate all of those furry friends in our life. Most of us have had a pet at some point in our lives, and perhaps have one snuggled up next to them at this very moment. Owning a pet is certainly a bit of a responsibility but all of the effort is rewarded with what is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience. Sure, we tend to live a bit longer than they do so there are times when its bittersweet. Other times when it’s full of laughter and joy, and then those times of quiet contentment, when everything feels just right and beautiful. These are some of my stories that I hope will remind you of the amazing times you’ve shared with your furry friends. Share your stories below!


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  1. I do enjoy listening to your podcasts. I’d read the story of Misty before but it made me tear up this time as it did before. Thank you for an enjoyable 20 some minutes!

    1. Aww thanks, Sandra! ???????? I truly appreciate the feedback! I keep making these, not entirely knowing what I’m doing and hoping they’re something enjoyable and worthy. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I really love your podcasts Charlie! Your stories are so touching!
    My jack russel/chihuahua mix, “Jake” lay between my feet giving them a thorough washing up as I lay on the couch enjoying the soothing sound of your voice!
    Then my ginger cat, who happens to be named “Charlie” climbed up on my torso and joyfully “made bread” on the fluffy blanket covering me for several minutes before laying down on my chest, touching his nose to mine as he always does in a “kitty kiss,” and sweetly purrs as he drifts off to sleep.????????
    With a dog now sleeping between my feet and a warm purring kitty sleeping on my chest I find that I am unable to move from my place on the couch for fear of disturbing either one of them!????????????????????????

    1. Aww thanks, Melissa! ???????? So thrilled you’re enjoying my podcasts! Thanks so much for letting me know! And “Charlie” is a great name for a ginger cat… hope you celebrated Ginger Cat Appreciation day on the 1st of the month! hehe And yep, when our furry friends snuggle up, it’s took to move ourselves. Such a wonderful experience!

    1. Aww thanks, June! ???????? I truly appreciate your comment! Unlike my daily posts, these podcasts just sort of appear on their own and it’s not as easy to know if people are actually enjoying them. So thrilled that you are!! Thank you my friend!

  3. To loved listening to your story . so nice to know there are others out there crazy about there furry family. I have a whole menagery of fluffies here. All someone else’s chuck out. We a family for sure. I’m new to your site. But love it at first bite. You have got me going and am going to hook in with your challenges n doodles. Thank you for your effort. Paula .South Africa

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! ???????? I’m so happy you enjoyed this episode of Sketching Stuff! And yay to your furry family! That sounds so wonderful. Thrilled you found Doodlewash and are enjoying it. There’s definitely lots to explore here! Welcome my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Les for the feedback! ???????? I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying these! I was hoping they’d make for good background painting audio or a bedtime story!

  4. Yes, I too wonder what life would have been like to have had a ‘kitten’ of my own. Sometimes our choices are already made for us, sometimes it hurts to dwell and wonder so I don’t, even if it is terribly lonely.
    Like you life’s pleasures are found in the small things in life like the importance of Duckie and to appreciate instead just how much love and steadfast devotion a dog can give.

    1. So true, Sandy! Many decisions do seem already set for us. And, life’s little pleasures are always wonderful and the love of pets, though not quite the same, is a beautiful thing as well! ????????