Episode #45: Sketching Vintage Memories

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Sketching Stuff
Episode #45: Sketching Vintage Memories

Hello again! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! In the more than four and half years that I’ve been sketching and writing every day, I’ve often been inspired by nostalgia. I love those flashes from the past that bring back such good memories. Of course, they’re called retro or vintage now, but once upon a time, they were the coolest, most modern inventions ever. Indeed, it’s funny how time alters our view of things.

Another reason why I adore these things from the past is that it takes me right back to when I was a kid again. As most of you know by now, this is the space I go to each time I sit down to sketch and paint. This helps me kick that adult brain to the curb for a bit and create freely, without any judgment. And it’s equally why I always have a lot of fun! There’s just something so incredibly wonderful about connecting with my past as I sketch my way into the future. I learn so much each time my mind remembers those days gone by. They haven’t gone far as they’re always waiting for me right there in my heart. So, I hope you’ll join me now for an inspiring trip down memory lane through a set of stories inspired by sketching vintage memories.


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