Episode #37: Sketching With Courage

Sketching Stuff 37_Sketching With Courage
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #37: Sketching With Courage

Hello once more! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! When I first started sketching and posting what I made online, a little over four years ago, I was a bit shy at first. I truly wasn’t sure if anyone would like to look at what I was making, or indeed read what I was writing. Thankfully, many people did and that’s why I keep right on sketching stuff and writing to this day. But as more people found me and viewed my work, there were days when I just didn’t feel quite courageous. Instead of backing away, I let my inner child out to play and never looked back.

These days, I have a lot more courage thanks to that younger version of myself who continues to inspire me to this day. He’s willing to try just about anything when it comes to art and isn’t shy about sharing it. Yet, I’ve never found a way to get my adult brain to stay this consistent when it comes to conquering fear. There’s so much doubt there that can get in the way. This is a little collection of stories that I wrote to remind myself to show up to sketch and write in spite of it all. So, join me as together we continue to create onward, sketching with courage.


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  1. Thanks, Charlie, for showing us how to re-awaken The Chid, or Muse, in each of us. It affirms my own long creative journey, which seems to have influenced my children and grandchildren to “never grow up” (James Barrie). We find truth, beauty, and love within ourselves and I appreciate that you share, so wonderfully, how you see the world anew each day!

    1. Aww… thank you SO much for your lovely and encouraging comment, Kathy! 😃💕I don’t get many comments for these episodes since the first one, so I’m just hoping people are still enjoying them! Thrilled to you know that you are! And thoroughly appreciate you’re letting me know!

  2. Another fantastic episode! I especially like the ramble about Christopher Robin. That movie makes me think of you – it has that touch of whimsy and joie de vivre that I always associate with you.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕What an awesome compliment! You just made my day! I love movies like that because they DO feel familiar. I hope I always live life with that same level of magic and wonder!

    1. Thanks so much, Ruma! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled to know you enjoyed the podcast! That makes me so happy to hear! And I truly think we are all in this art journey together. We can always make each other stronger!