Episode #33: Sketching Autumn

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Sketching Stuff
Episode #33: Sketching Autumn

In my part of the world, this time of year means the start of autumn. And I am incredibly thrilled! I adore this season most of all and find it so incredibly inspiring. I always have my best ideas this time of year. Perhaps this is because it’s one of the few times in the year that I slow down as I finish my current projects and wait for the New Year to go crazy all over again inventing new ones.

This is time of year, where the days get shorter here, but the nights get incredibly cozy. It’s this kind of magical candlelit environment that makes me stop and give thanks for all of the wonderful things that have happened my life. If you’re listening to me now, then you’re part of that joy. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even show up to listen to me tell my stories, so the fact that you did, means so much to me. Thank you. And I truly hope you’ll enjoy this next little set of stories inspired by sketching autumn.


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    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 I”m so thrilled I could brighten your day! Yay! And yeah, I ended up with two apple segments this time… I just love them! hehe

  1. My Art teacher gave me your site for “homework” tonight since I could not make the class do to coughing fits!!! I am so glad she did!! What fun I had. Thank you for what you do!

    1. Oh wow… I hope you feel better soon! 😃💕 And so thrilled you found Sketching Stuff and Doodlewash! Hope you found something to inspire you here!