Episode #27: Watercolor Every Day!

Sketching Stuff 27_ Watercolor Every Day
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Sketching Stuff
Episode #27: Watercolor Every Day!

Hello again! It’s Charlie O’Shields, back with a very special episode of Sketching Stuff! It’s been one year since I started this podcast and 4 years ago this month that I very first started painting with watercolor each and every day. And, it’s also the start of World Watercolor Month in July. If you post watercolor art online, be sure to remember to add #WorldWatercolorMonth during the whole month of July each and every time you post your art. It’s a non-profit event to raise awareness for arts education and to get art supplies for underprivileged kids who need them via The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. Visit WorldWatercolorMonth.com to learn more!

I often get asked how on earth I manage to paint something each and every day. Well, it’s really not as difficult as you think and doing so is incredibly rejuvenating and wonderful. That’s why I try to get everyone to DO it with me. This is a collection of stories to inspire the artist inside each and every one of us. And, if you’ve yet to try painting with watercolor, July is a perfect month to start!


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  1. I listened to this earlier and got interrupted and just now realized I hadn’t left a comment! You may take that as a compliment – my memory for that kind of thing is so bad, I only remember when it’s something I really enjoyed!

    1. Aww yay!! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed this one, Sandra! 🙂 💕I often forget to mention a new one in my posts these days… hehe.. glad to know people find them and still enjoy them!

  2. I am loving my watercolour every day. The daily practice is really improving my skill, confidence and willingness to try new and/or difficult techniques.

    1. Yay! I’m so thrilled to hear that, Maureen! 😃💕 I truly stand by trying a little something each and every day. It makes all the difference in the world!

  3. Hi Charlie… I am so thrilled to post my work. I was passionate about watercolour but never did everyday…. But now seeing your work I am inspired to do it everyday and post for world watercolour month and I am loving it.. Thank you 😊

    1. Aww that makes me incredibly happy to hear, Smita! 😃💕Yay! My hope in everything I DO is to inspire others to join me and have a lot a fun along the way!