Episode #23: A Sketching Journey

Sketching Stuff 23_ A Sketching Journey
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #23: A Sketching Journey

While I adore traveling to new places, I’m equally entranced by the idea of virtual travel. The kind of travel that happens in our minds when we reflect on memories and moments that have had an impact on our lives. My sketching journey has provided me with all sorts of these moments so I’m sharing just a few of them with you now in this episode.

There are millions of dreams that I still chase in my mind, but I’m happy to be living one of them today. Writing and sketching each day has definitely enriched my life. And I believe that when you take the time to create something, and pursue it with all of your passion, life always gets much more rewarding in the process. Life would be terribly dull if it’s just filled with those things we feel like we have to do. So, whether you have found your favorite creative outlet or are still in search of it, then I hope that my stories will inspire to chase those dreams. I personally know that I feel very thankful each and every day that I finally decided to go on a sketching journey.


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  1. Oh now, you’ve tickled my bag addiction. Your Jack Spade bag sounds awesome. It would probably look fantastic with the 101 other bags I have. Okay – I don’t have 101 bags, but I want to! Thank you for another fun podcast!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! Glad you enjoyed this one! 🙂 hehe… yeah, a good travel bag is tough to find. This one has been with me on so many fun adventures!

  2. Charlie, your words ring so true: take the road less traveled, don’t panic, enjoy analog photos, remember the happy things of your childhood. Retired ten years ago after banking careers, my wife and I have been following your words and sketches filled with such simple joy. Grab today, it is all you really have. Enjoy whatever is around you, maybe even draw it in your journal. Praise God for for the sun coming up, for our friends known and not yet known, for the talents of others that make our day so much easier. Thanks, Charlie, for your blog and for Doodlewash. bob.c

    1. Thank you SO much, Bob for the lovely comment! ???????? And the beautifully inspiring words as well. I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying my podcast. It’s not the usual fare, so I’m so happy to know when people find joy in it! And I’m totally inspired by YOUR words… while I think I’m grabbing today as much as I can, I know that there’s still more there to grab and more to be thankful for in the process.

  3. Charlie..You are the FIRST and ONLY podcast I have ever listened to and loved it. I’m 69 years young and have never ‘tweeted’, don’t own a smart phone; nor do I participate in any social media other than art classes –
    which have grown to over 130. I live deep in the wilderness of Northern Idaho with my wonderful hubby of 20 years. No GPS needed for me. I live in the present watching/sketching wildlife daily and taking all those less traveled roads.

    Your smile and happy personality are infectious, so thank you for being YOU. Our world could definitely use more of YOU!

    1. Oh my goodness, Karla, that’s the most amazing and wonderful comment EVER! Thank you SO much! ❤️I’m so thrilled you enjoy my words… they’re often little more than rambles, but I hope they make a contribution to the world. And the way you live sounds perfect in every way! I’m rather jealous! hehe I hope you’ll keep listening… it’s wonderful to know that there are wonderful people out there enjoying what I make (a new episode launches in the morning!).