Episode #10: Sketching All The Way

Sketching Stuff 10_Sketching All The Way
Sketching Stuff
Sketching Stuff
Episode #10: Sketching All The Way

Welcome back to a very special episode of Sketching Stuff! What makes it so special? Well first, it’s Episode Number 10, which feels like a nice round number and a bit of a milestone. And second, this one features stories primarily about sketching and art. I’ve been sketching and writing daily from the moment I first began, and for some, this seems either perfectly crazy or an enviable and impossible level of commitment and dedication.

I’m here to tell you it’s actually a bit of both and it’s enriched my life in so many ways. My goal in all of this is to inspire others to create! Anything at all… and do it on a regular basis. So if you’re not a sketcher, no worries, simply think of whatever creative endeavor you’ve been dreaming of mastering. The approach and ideas are very much the same. This is my story, but I hope you’ll find ways to apply it to your own creative life as I’ve done, sketching all the way.


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  1. Some of your most inspirational posts! I like the idea of setting aside more time than might be needed so your are more likely to take the time you need.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this one! I figured it was a good time as any to primarily talk about Sketching on Sketching Stuff! 😉 And the more time than you need thing is truly how I’ve managed to show up every day. You’ll find a lot of 15-20 minutes sketches in the mix though!

      1. Hey Charley! I joined Doodlewash a couple of weeks back also joined the associated Facebook pages. To be honest I was amazed and a bit put off by the quality, skill, and talent of the work posted. I sulked around the edges for awhile before gusting up to postings s little painting of.mine. I have just listened to your podcast #10 and I think I’ve fallen in love with you and your philosophy. Your enthusiasm is exciting and contagious. I’ve been smacked on my head by hearing my own words, words that I knew in my heart but haven’t been able to release my clutch on them until hearing them from you. You see I mouthed your Do’s but my heart lived the Donts! So thanks for enfusing me with courage. I will no longer cling to the belief that my works has to be as good as others before I can post. Just my ego pulling the strings! My journey of daily doodlewashing has started today. Now I’m off to find the correct place to post. Thx again

        1. THIS is the most amazing and wonderful comment to ever receive, Pat! 😃💕 YES!! It makes my heart sing to know that my words inspired you to go forth and create! Keep on honoring those DO’s and ignore those silly DON’Ts… Life and art are far more rewarding when we give ourselves permission to be the awesome people we already are. And super thrilled you enjoyed my podcast! It’s a total experiment for me… hehe… I adore writing and blogging, but actually speaking on an audio broadcast was a bit of a leap of faith and courage. So, thrilled you enjoyed it!

          1. A favorite quote that I hold tight “leap and the net will appear”. I think you operate from that place. Attributes needed are Courage and curiosity. I rejoice in your leap into the podcast world! Thanks for your kind reply.

          2. I DO operate from that place almost exclusively! hehe… and I love it! 😃💕 It makes life so much more fun in the process.

  2. This one is very inspiring and encouraging. We all definitely need a boost sometimes. I think your encouraging words have brought out the best of our art in an art world so welcoming. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your art.

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this! My dream is to inspire people to create and enjoy every little thing they make! It’s such a joyous journey, made more incredible when we all hold hands and DO it together!

    1. What a sweet and wonderful note! Thank you SO much, Fantine! 😃💕 I truly appreciate that! It’s been such a fun journey and I can only hope I’m inspiring a few others along the way!

  3. I’ve enjoyed each of your podcast but have to say that this one truly hit home. I smiled through the entire podcast. You really are an inspiration, Charlie!!

    1. Aww thanks, Mary! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you enjoyed this! This whole podcast thing has been an interesting experiment for me. It’s fun to compile my rambles into something more thematic and intentioned. So happy you were inspired by this one!

  4. Hi Charlie
    very nice to hear you !
    I agree with you about this free way of making art, w/o rules
    Congratulations for your path !

    1. Thanks so much, Renata! 😃💕 So happy you enjoyed this episode! Yeah, I still haven’t appeared on video, so audio was my first step.. hehe… a bit shy. But it’s been really fun! Hope you’ll listen to the others! My holiday episode posts tomorrow morning! 😉

  5. I’ve been binge listening today. Working my way backwards. All of them have been very enjoyable. You have a very soothing voice. Kind of a Bob Ross feeling.😉 This podcast is very inspiring. It will be good to go back to when I’m in a sketching slump.

    1. Thank you SO much, Lori! 😃💕 Thrilled you’re enjoying my podcast! And adore the Bob Ross reference… that’s super cool! He made me want to be an artist as a child! Love it!

  6. Listened to this episode on my walk today, Charlie. Very encouraging, thank you! I’ve only done a little bit of sketching/pen & wash thus far but am aiming to do more. I’ve pasted a link to the episode on my latest article on my blog today. Keep up the great Art! 🙂

    1. So thrilled you enjoyed the podcast! Thanks so much for letting me know! 😃 I really appreciate it! And thanks for the shout out!! That’s so awesome! A million thanks my friend!