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"Scribble, Doodle, Color"
Activity Books

Want To Sketch Stuff With Me? Get my Sketching Stuff Activity Books! Fun 72 page activity books in different themes with full-color illustrations for people of all ages and skill levels. Watercolor activities are included as well, so you’ll need some watercolor paper to try those. Otherwise, you can just Scribble, Doodle, Color right in the books! 

"Create Like A Kid Again!"
Creative Activity Book

Creativity for Grown-Ups!
With A Childlike Twist!

Boost your natural creativity and “create like a kid again” with over 60 fun creative exercises!

This book may look like it’s for kids, but it’s really for young adults and adults who want to be more creative in everything they do! Play, dream, or invent your way through over 60 wonder-filled activities that will have you writing, doodling, and creating awesome and innovative new ideas in your sketchbook!

All great ideas start with just a notion, a scribbled thought on a page. Whether it’s in a physical or digital sketchbook, sticky notes, napkins, or a laptop, these thoughts are just the beginning. I think of this wild and whimsical act of dreaming up new concepts as simply “Sketching Stuff”! 


Packed with powerful insights and fun facts on how our creative brains function, think, and feel, you’ll be making bolder and more unique ideas in no time! 

"Draw Upon A Time"
Interactive Picture Books

Everyone is an artist with the power to draw and create! Get ready to join one little character on a unique adventure. Any pencil, pen, or crayon becomes a magical wand and whoever holds it during the story becomes a wizard, helping our hero throughout the quest. 

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Sketching Stuff Draw Upon A Time First Three Books

Even fun for grownups to do, but of course, parents and grandparents can also read the story and have a child do the drawings along the way! It’s for people of all ages, whether you’re a child or a child at heart, and the book becomes a wonderful keepsake.  

Wand at the ready? 

Let’s Draw Upon A Time!

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Sketching Stuff:
Stories Sketched From Life

I hope you’ll enjoy my illustrated memoir and book of inspirational stories (over 280 pages!) with 25 pages of never-before-published rambles and over 180 black and white illustrations!

(unless it’s an e-book on a color screen, then everything turns back to color like that cool scene in The Wizard of Oz! Don’t have a Kindle? Also Available for Other e-Readers. Click Here!)

Illustrations By Charlie O.